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Yahoo! sites have an approximately 11% U.S. search market share (results provided by Bing).

Bing (Microsoft)

Microsoft sites have an approximately 18% U.S. search market share.


In terms of searches performed, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google.


The world's largest social network with 51% market penetration among social media users.


Social messaging network with "Tweets" limited to 140 characters.


The dominant search engine accounting for approximately 67% of U.S. searches.


A group of web formats for syndicating content automatically

Google Plus

Google's social networking and identity service


Instagram is a photo-sharing social networking site that allows users to filter, transform and share photos.


A photo-sharing social networking site based upon a pinboard metaphor.


A business-oriented social networking site.

SEOcoaches helps you develop a game plan combining your team’s strengths with our experience and expertise. Like all great coaches our goal is to impart knowledge and quickly have you calling your own plays.

SEOcoaches’ Ben Cook is a power house. His strategic approach towards search has played a significant role in our growth.
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